Use of Library Records


The Burlington Public Library will maintain the privacy of patron records in compliance with Iowa Code 22.7 which requires that the library keep confidential any records that, by themselves or examined with other public records, would identify the person checking out or requesting an item or asking for information. Confidentiality extends to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed, or acquired, and includes online search records, reference transactions, circulation and interlibrary loan records, and other personally identifiable uses of library materials, programs, facilities, equipment, or services.

Requests for access must be made directly to the Library Director who is the designated custodian of all library records. The director is authorized to release records that are otherwise considered confidential “…upon a judicial determination that a rational connection exists between the requested information and a legitimate end and that the need for the information is cogent and compelling” (Iowa Code 22.7). Library staff may seek legal counsel in the event that such a request is made and will respond according to advice from counsel.

In order to protect patron privacy as completely as possible, a patron numbering system is maintained. Access to patron library records will be limited to approved staff members only. The library cannot guarantee confidentiality of information searched or used through third party digital services that the library provides, such as research database companies, digital collection providers, and streaming services. When users access these resources, they are subject to the individual third-party terms and privacy policies.

The library will release information to the responsible party signer on a minor account only for the purpose of recovering overdue materials and settling accounts for lost, late or damaged material for which the parent or guardian may be considered liable. Library accounts for which a bill has been sent may be revealed to a collection agency.

In partnership with the local schools, and for the purpose of assessing program impact, the library may share the names of students participating in the summer reading program and other special initiatives. Information shared is subject to the schools’ confidentiality policy and no circulation transaction or information about information requests will be shared.

Anyone attending library classes and events may be photographed or videotaped as an audience member. The image may be used for library promotional materials.

Library security camera recordings are used only for after the fact investigation of incidents in the library. The cameras are not monitored in real time. The recording software deletes images automatically as the capacity of the hard drive is reached. The library may retain copies of certain images as needed for legal or operational purposes. The decision to disclose camera images will be made by the library director in consultation with the city attorney.

Revised and re-adopted: October 23, 2019, September 21, 2016, August 20, 2014; Re-adopted: June 15, 2011, August 20, 2008, September 15, 2004; Revised and re-adopted: June 17, 2003; Re-adopted: July 21, 1999, April 17, 1996