Personnel Policy


The Burlington Public Library Board of Trustees, in accordance with city ordinance and following standards set by the State Library, hires the library director and delegates the active management of the library, including personnel administration, to the director. The board reviews the director annually.

The Burlington Public Library is committed to delivering excellent service to all customers. To achieve excellence requires establishing hiring practices that seek people with a strong customer-focused philosophy and diverse backgrounds, maintaining adequate staffing levels, providing continuous training opportunities, and setting high standards. Library staff members adhere to the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association.

The Burlington Public Library Board recognizes the personnel policies of the City of Burlington as described in the City of Burlington Employee Handbook, unless directly stated otherwise. The Board also recognizes the AFSCME contract and the City of Burlington Non-Union Employee Personnel Manual and Wage Schedule.

The Library Director and Office Coordinator work with the City of Burlington Human Resources staff for all aspects of personnel management, including, but not limited to, hiring, evaluation, end of service, leave documentation, and payroll.

Revised: January 17, 2024, March 17, 2021, March 21, 2018; Adopted: January 17, 2018