Classes and Events Policy

The Burlington Public Library provides classes and events as an integral part of its services in order to further the library’s mission. Classes and events are designed to educate and enlighten, to market library resources and services, and to fulfill the library’s role as a community center for lifelong learning. These programs provide for the “interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves” as outlined in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.

All classes and events sponsored by the library are open to the public, with age and space restrictions applying as advertised for individual programs. Registration may be required when space is limited or to assist with planning purposes. Fees to cover materials or meals may be charged with approval of the director. Special requirements for grant-sponsored programs will be followed as required.

Classes and events may be developed and led by library staff, made available through partnerships with other organizations, or be presented by hired performers. Presenters affiliated with a commercial enterprise may share their expertise with the understanding that they will not promote their own products or specific business. The only items that may be sold at classes and events are books or recordings created by the presenters/performers. These sales must be approved by the director.

Customers may suggest topics or presenters to be considered for future programming. Library programming will not exclude topics or speakers because they may be controversial. Likewise, a class or event does not constitute an endorsement by the library of the presenter’s content or views.

Classes and events held outside the library are provided to increase equity of access and promote library services. These outreach opportunities include story times at local preschools, book talks at schools, presentations to community groups, and other opportunities as they arise.


Virtual classes and events are offered to expand access and address transportation, scheduling, and other barriers. They may be provided as a synchronous experience or an asynchronous offering. Take home activity kits to accompany virtual or in-person programming also are designed to expand access.

Customer concerns about a library class or event should be addressed with the library director. If the customer is not satisfied after a discussion with the director, they may submit a Statement of Concern Regarding Library Resources form as outlined in the Collection Development Policy.


Revised: January 28, 2021, February 22, 2018, November 18, 2015

Adopted: February 20, 2013