Circulation Policy


Loan periods and renewal limits are defined to maximize circulation and use of materials. The goal is to allow borrowers time to make use of materials, while also limiting the time so that materials can come back for others to use. Materials may be renewed only if no other borrower has placed a request for the item. Automatic renewals will be made, if eligible. Renewals also can be made at the self checkout stations, at the Customer Service desk, from the library website (, or by phone (753-1647).


Loan Periods and Renewal Limits


1 week

0 renewal

New Fiction/Magazines for Adults

DVD/Blu-Ray/Video Games

1 week

3 renewals

Digital Library downloads

vendor defined


Create Collection

3 weeks

0 renewal

All other materials

3 weeks

3 renewals


If the item is not returned after 7 days from the due date, the lost fee will be charged. If the item is returned within 30 days, the lost fee will be removed. Checkout is not allowed when a card has over $10 in fees or has fees over one year old.


Lost or Damaged Packaging Fee

AV case (includes case, barcode, security, and insert)


Barcode, security tag, or paper insert/sleeves individually only


Kits and equipment

As noted in kit


Checkout Limits Total items no an account at one time

New Card Holder Account

Guest Status (Temp)

Other Account Types

Video Games


Payment Plan status (Accounts with fees between $5 and $50, if 10% of fee paid at each checkout)

10 items at a time

2 items at a time

50 items at a time

2 items at a time

20 at a time

2 items at a time

Other Fees

Faxing (sending only)

No Charge/Donations Welcome

One-on-one appointments

No Charge/Donations Welcome

Scanning from copier and from microform

No Charge/Donations Welcome


No Charge/Donations Welcome

Printing and Copies, incuding microfilm

$.10 black/white

$.25 color

Ear Buds


Flash Drives


Laminating Service

$1.00 per foot

Interlibrary Loan not picked up


Local History Searches: Obituaries or Furniture

$5 per search

GovPayNet Service Fee

For credit/debit transactions

$1.50 for charges up to $50

$1.75 over $50, under $75

$3.00 over $75, under $100

$5.00 over $100, under $150

$7.00 over $150, under $200



Last approved by the Library Board of Trustees, August 24, 2022