Distribution and Display Policy


This policy establishes how and under what circumstances individuals and organizations may post or display materials within the Burlington Public Library. In keeping with its mission and as a public service, the library provides limited spaces for the distribution and/or display of promotional materials for services, event notices, job postings, and community collections.


All spaces defined within this policy are limited to non-profit individuals or organizations. Materials which constitute advertising for, or promotion of, a business or for-profit organization will not be accepted for any of these spaces. No materials or notices advertising commercial events, sales of items, or personal services for which fees are charged may be posted.


I. Community Board & Job Board

Materials may be submitted in person or online for review and posting. Library staff will post materials to the community and job boards. Approved items will be stamped, dated and initialed by library staff. Materials placed at the community board without notification to library staff may be removed.


II. Display Cases

Display cases may be reserved for one-month intervals when not required for use by the library. Setup and take down are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Materials used to hang or display exhibit items must be removed at the end of the reservation period.


III. Library Meeting Rooms

Postings in library meeting rooms are limited to the time of the reservation. Meeting room users may not post signs outside of the room, such as signs on the library doors or in the lobby.


IV. Library’s Digital Signs

The library’s digital signs are for library-sponsored events and information only.


Any materials found to be posted in violation of this policy may be removed and discarded.



Revised and adopted: September 16, 2020, July 19, 2017, March 19, 2014, June 15, 2011, August 20, 2008, October 18, 2006,

Re-adopted: November 17, 2004, December 16, 1998 Adopted: April 17, 1996