Tween Book Club

2021-07-20 11:14:51

tween book club fall.jpgTweens, join Miss Melissa for book discussion and activities for the  book One Jar of Magic by Corey Ann Haydu. When you register, we reserve a copy of the book for you to check out, Miss Melissa will read part of the book the first night, then you finish it on your own before the wrap up on October 12.  Fun activities round out each night.  

From Amazon: 

Magic is like a dream. Delightful. Terrifying. Unreal.

Rose Alice Anders is Little Luck. Lucky to be born into the Anders family. Lucky to be just as special and magical as the most revered man in town—her father. The whole town has been waiting for Rose to turn twelve, when she can join them in their annual capturing of magic on New Year’s Day and become the person she was born to be.

But when that special day finally comes, Rose barely captures one tiny jar of magic. Now Rose’s dad won’t talk to her anymore and her friendships have gotten all twisted and wrong. So when Rose hears whispers that there are people who aren’t meant for magic at all, she begins to wonder if that’s who she belongs with."