Adult Programs

  1. Fri Mar. 29 - Sat Mar. 30

    17th Annual Genealogy Workshop Join us as we welcome this year's speaker, MICHAEL L. STRAUSS, AG. He is the principal owner of Genealogy Research Network and an Accredited Genealogist since 1995. He is a native of Pennsylvania and a resident of Utah and has been an avid genealogist for more than 30 years. Strauss holds a BA in History and is a United States Coast Guard veteran. He will be speaking a variety of topics such as military records, federal court records, and descendany research. This event costs $8 dollars f...
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  2. Fri Apr. 5

    First Friday, Our Neighbors, the Amish Don & Dianne Kramer are surrounded by three Amish communities, and it has been their interactions with the Amish plus research that they have gathered and organized, and present their "findings" regarding these humble, kind, and intriguing people.
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  3. Sat Apr. 6

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