Volunteer Opportunities

Potential Opportunities
Complete the Burlington Public Library volunteer application form if you are interested in volunteering your time.

  • Adopt-A-Shelf
    These volunteers are essential to keeping the library in good working order. Adopt-A-Shelf volunteers are assigned to one or more shelves. They keep the materials in their area properly arranged and help to keep their section tidy and in order.
  • Clerical
    These volunteers help prepare newsletters and mailings by means of data entry, word processing, filing, document sorting, printing, copying, and other tasks when required.
  • Collection Maintenance
    These volunteers assist with collection projects such as catalog searching and inventory as well as mending books and cleaning DVDs to promote the use and lengthen the life of the library collection. Tasks may include: searching shelves for materials and pulling materials, assisting with repair of library materials, typing and applying labels, and sorting. Attention to detail is essential.
  • Computer Instruction Assistance
    These volunteers assist library staff in working labs and computer training classes. Volunteers may help assist with computers, eReaders, or other digital devices. Volunteers must be comfortable using Windows based software and library resources available online. Providing friendly internet assistance and troubleshooting more advanced technological problems is preferred.
  • Friends of the Library Book Sale or Footnotes
    The Friends of the Library need volunteers to work at the Footnotes Shop and assist at book sales. If you are interested in these opportunities, your application will be passed on to the Friends of the Library.
  • Building and Grounds Maintenance
    These volunteers contribute to the beautification of the library’s outdoor space. Volunteers help with weeding, picking up debris, and keeping the walkways and library entrance neat and clean.
  • Local History/Genealogy
    These volunteers improve access to the materials available in the Local History/Genealogy collection. They assist with research, contribute to obituary and other newspaper searches, indexing, filing, sorting,  shelving, data entry, and preparing materials for collection use.
  • Program/Event Assistance
    These volunteers are called on to assist staff with library programs and events. Volunteers may be asked to help arrange meetings rooms, appropriate materials for programs, or monitor large events.