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Local History Request Form

  1. Local History Research*

    I understand that there is a $5 fee per record the Burlington Public Library staff will search our local newspapers for articles, birth, marriage, and death notices. A record is defined as 1 article, 1 birth announcement, 1 marriage announcement, 1 death notice, and/or 1 source. The $5 fee is for the search of each record. If you are unsure of how much your request would cost or what materials we have available to search, please contact the library staff. A complete date of birth, marriage or death (month, day, and year) is required for this search. We will search the date you provide plus a maximum of 7 additional days before and after the date provided.

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  3. Please provide any information that will help us fill your request.

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  5. If we locate information, we will mail you a copy and provide full documentation for the article. If no information is found, we will inform you as to what was searched and for which dates. To continue the search, you may want to contact the Des Moines County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 493, Burlington, IA 52601 or email them at are also welcome to come to the Burlington Public Library to view microfilm at no charge or search the local history files. Copies from microfilm are 25 cents per page and photocopies are 15 cents per page.

  6. Please send your $5 per search payment (checks or money orders can be made out to the Burlington Public Library) to: Burlington Public Library, 210 Court Street Burlington, IA 52601 We will begin your search when payment is received. Questions? 319.753.1647

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