Fun & Games

Sometimes you need a break from hard learning. Here are some links to fun things like games for when you need to rest your brain a little.

Younger Kids 
Jan Brett - If you love Jan Brett's picture books, her site is loaded with coloring pages, activities, and games perfect for younger kids.
Fisher-Price - You are familiar with their products for babies and toddlers, but their website also has great games and activities, as well as resources for families.
PBSKids - Based in PBS's excellent programming, kids will recognize and want to play with Clifford, Caillou and the Cat in the Hat!
Leading to Reading - Easy and fun activities for young kids and grown-ups to do together that help build essential prereading skills. Also available in Spanish!
NickJr. - Join Nickelodeon's kid experts for fun games, art, and videos featuring all your favorite shows.

Older Kids 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - We know how much you love Wimpy Kid. Find out all about author Jeff Kinney and the genesis of Wimpy Kid. His links are pretty great too.

Dav Pilkey
 - Can't get enough Captain Underpants? Dig into author Dav Pilkey's endlessly silly website for games and more.
Mugglenet - The world's #1 Harry Potter fan site! 

PBSKids Go! - An extension of PBSKids for bigger kids, featuring a cartoon studio, music comp, and diorama-o-rama!

Reading Planet - Delve into all things books at this excellent interactive site with games, activities, and lots of ways to express yourself. This site is really fun for the language enthusiasts, word nerds, and books worms out there.

All Kids

FunBrain - Featuring educational games for preschool to eighth grade, FunBrain is a favorite site here at the library. Kids can engage in lots of games that promote math skills, logical thinking and literacy as well as read online books and comics.

Poptropica - Brought to you by the geniuses at FunBrain, Poptropica is a safe interactive world for kids age 6 to 15. On Poptropica Island, kids can play games, go on quests, and read digital books, plus lots more. Most activities are book-related, so kids can engage in books on the page, and online!

Storyline Online - Great actors reading great storybooks that come to life through the power of animation. Kids will want to watch them over and over...then you can come to the library and check the book out!

Other Games to check out!
Create your own Barbie, play dress-up and other games. 

Cartoon Network 
Games, TV schedules, cartoon shorts and more, from the home of the Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo, Huckleberry Hound, Dexter's Laboratory and Tom and Jerry. 

Educational features based on the channel's programming, as well as fan sites, fun and games and live cams of animals and other interesting sights. 

Entertainment information, games and everything Disney. 

Kids WB 
Games, drawing lessons, jokes and stories -- visit the Looney Library! 

Marvel Kids 
Play games with your favorite Marvel superheroes. 

Games, schedules, information and message boards related to Nick characters like SpongeBob, Rugrats and Jimmy Neutron.